Our son John and Dennis and Pat Flaskerud's daughter Melisa were married on July 31, 1999. Asked to speak at the wedding reception, I said this:

John, your mother and I have seen you and your brother Dan do many things as partners and companions. You've camped together at Joshua Tree National Park. You've surfed together at Newport Beach. You've played ball together with Jarrod and Darrin, Eusebio and Donnie, Paul and David. You've sipped piña colada together on the beaches of Mexico. And we'll always remember 1999 as the year Dan promised lifelong, faithful love to Suzanne and you promised lifelong, faithful love to Melisa.

John, when Dan and Suzanne became husband and wife on March 27, you signed their marriage certificate on the line that says "signature of witness." Today Dan signed your marriage certificate on the line that says "signature of witness." That's the way your mother and I have always dreamed it would be, and you've helped make that dream come true.

Melisa, welcome to our family. When you and John were co-workers at BlackAngus in Fountain Valley, it was the start of something good. You were justfriends then, of course. You both went on to other jobs and other interests.But you were both at the home of Greg and Shelly one evening several yearslater when John invited you to his company Christmas party. And Greg andShelly have told us about that special event last summer. That was when John proposed to you, on his knees, at sunset, on the beach at Cabo San Lucas.Melisa, thank you for saying yes.

Dennis and Pat, thank you for helping your daughter become the wonderful woman she is. We're honored to have you, and Jim and Wilma, and Tracy and Michael, and Dennis and Vikki, and Kevin and Cindy as our new relatives. Now I invite John's best man, his brother Dan, to lead us in a toast to the bride and groom.