Terrence Halloran: Catholic priest, husband, parent, grandparent, friend, retired computer programmer, volunteer hospital chaplain



I live in Beaumont, California. I'm a member of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha parish in the Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino. My heroes are Daniel Berrigan, John XXIII, Eugene McCarthy, Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, Cesar Chavez, Catherine de Vinck and Kathleen Norris. My favorite newspaper is the National Catholic Reporter.

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I'm an ordained Catholic priest with no official ministry in the church. Now retired, I was a computer programmer from 1972 until 2002. Since 2004 I've been a volunteer chaplain at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital in nearby Banning. I favor an expanded and enriched Catholic priesthood, including married and single men and women.

My first wife Constance, a former Benedictine nun, was a high school English teacher and librarian. Our two sons were born in 1968 and 1970. Both are married. Our five grandchildren were born in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2003 and 2007. We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in December 2007. Constance died in July 2008. God will raise us up, and we will live forever.

One Tuesday in October 2008 I was asked to lead the Bible Study class at our parish. Elizabeth was in the class. We talked for a few minutes, surprised to learn about each other's background. Our first date was breakfast together a few days later. Elizabeth and I were married on June 24, 2009 at Saint Kateri Catholic Church in Beaumont, California. Father John Domas officiated.

I don't like the way most priests preach. They don't apply the Gospel to practical questions outside the home or neighborhood. Albert Camus, a French dramatist and journalist, complained in 1948 that he survived World War II without ever knowing the pope had condemned Nazism. Most American Catholics got through the 1960s without listening to anything from the official statements of their bishops about segregation or the Vietnam war. Priests today hardly ever mention topics like the death penalty, immigration policy, hatred toward Jews or Muslims, human rights, world hunger, environment pollution, gun control or U.S. military actions in other countries.

In the last few centuries, astonishing changes have have been taking place, with the United States sometimes playing a leading role. Absolute monarchy was once the global norm, justified by revered religious leaders and by "great" philosophers. Now, except for an echo in pomp and costume -- in places like Buckingham Palace -- it has nearly vanished from the Earth. Chattel slavery was once a given. Philosophers taught that some people are naturally slaves and others naturally masters. Many devout biblical scholars -- in the pre-Civil War South, for example -- taught that slavery was ordained by God. Now chattel slavery has nearly vanished from the planet, in a stirring worldwide revolution. Likewise, the inferior status of women was once ubiquitous and often justified by religion and philosophy. Now, although much more progress is still to be made, sexism is clearly in planetwide retreat.

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Blessing of Nathan William Halloran, November 22, 2003
At my 70th birthday party on July 11, 2004
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November 2004 photo of grandsons Jordan (2001) and Nathan (2003)
May 2005 photos of grandchildren Eleanor (2000) and Gabriel (2003)
The first four Halloran grandchildren, August 2006
"Time to Say Goodbye" with Jordan Halloran
Granddaughter Celia Elizabeth Halloran, born August 5, 2007
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August 2015 with Celia at Raging Waters
Celia Halloran (age 9) is the reader at Mass
St. Timothy School wins first place in "Super Quiz" at Academic Decathlon
Father's Day 2012 at Dodger Stadium

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December 19, 2009 Open House at our home in Beaumont
Our trip to Mexico in August 2014

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Volunteer chaplain at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital in Banning
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