Easter Vigil: A Night Song

The Mystery of the world
O mighty Night, is breaking in upon You
With a thin and silver light, Night.  Look.
It pierces to your heart.  A sudden cry
Shatters your silent waves, O sea of Night.
LUMEN CHRISTI! rides triumphant on your waves.
The Mystery of the world, O mighty Night,
Is breaking in upon You. 

The History of the world,
O mighty Night, sings itself upon       
Your age old silence, Silent One.
The pageant of the sons of men thunders
Down the ages from pages of the book of time,
O Timeless One, Silent One, Mighty One, Night.     
The History of the world sings on You tonight.
Night, sings on You tonight.
The Waters of another World
Break their dams and rush to laver You,
Night, savor You, save You.  Waver not, Night,
One has come mightier than You.  Be vanquished
Tenderly, Mighty One.  You will be as a new born
Babe, a rosy springtime dawn, Night,
You are made holy, Night, to hold
The ransomed world in Your arms. 
The History and the Mystery of the world,     
O tender Night, have broken in upon You.
The ransomed world is in Your arms tonight.

Sister Thomas Roberts, O.S.B.
Student, Mt. St. Scholastica College
Atchison, Kansas 1959