Memories of Detroit, Michigan (for our grandchildren)

Our wedding date was December 28, 1967. When we were first married we lived in Cary, Illinois. Grandpa worked in Chicago at the main office of Bankers Dispatch Corporation, a transport company that moved checks between banks at night. Grandma was a teacher at the Middle School in Cary.

In April of 1968 Grandpa was transferred to the Detroit office of Bankers Dispatch Corporation. We moved to this house at 15701 Mendota St. on the northwest side of Detroit. Grandma became a volunteer receptionist at the Michigan headquarters of the Eugene McCarthy for President campaign. We were living here when Dan was born on November 12, 1968.

In December of 1968 Grandpa got a new job at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan. We moved to this apartment and office building at 111 Cadillac Square in downtown Detroit. It had been a hotel from 1927 until 1967. We lived on the seventh floor, and Grandpa's office was on the fourth floor. Jim and Pat Skalski, our new friends in the same building, had a daughter named Nicolle, a few months older than Dan. When Pat returned to her job teaching nursing at Mercy College, Grandma became Nicolle's babysitter.

By February of 1970 we needed more than a one-bedroom apartment. We were living here, at 21530 Dequindre Ave. in Warren, when John was born on August 21, 1970. Warren is a northern suburb of Detroit. We remember the building and grounds looking much nicer than when we took this photo 36 years later.

In March of 1971 we moved into the lower floor of this duplex at 7927 E. Lafayette St., three miles east of downtown Detroit. Grandma attended Wayne State University and earned her M.S. degree in Library Science while we lived here. Our neighbor Naomi took care of Dan and John on workdays while Grandpa was at his office and Grandma was at school.

While we lived on E. Lafayette St., most Sundays we attended Mass here at St. Charles Church a few blocks away. During Mass, teen volunteers entertained Dan and John and a dozen other pre-school children in the church basement.

In March of 1972 we moved closer to downtown Detroit. Famed German architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe designed these steel and glass structures and their unique surroundings. We lived on the sixth floor of Lafayette Towers East, seen here with Lafayette Towers West in the background. A few months later in December, Blue Cross and Blue Shield moved us to Chicago for a year.

In Chicago, Grandpa worked here at the John Hancock Building. Grandma worked at the Lakeview branch of the Chicago Public Library. Each weekday morning we took Dan and John to the home of their Aunt Vallie and Uncle Leo and their little girls Chrissi and Heidi. Each evening after work we took them home to 4919 N. Harlem Ave.

In December of 1973 Blue Cross and Blue Shield moved us back to Detroit. Our new home was a Mies Van Der Rohe townhome across Lafayette Park from the two Lafayette Towers buildings.

The next three photos were taken recently by Detroit resident Charles Brown, who grew up in Lafayette Park. Our home was here at 1308 Nicolet St.

Some of our neighbors in Lafayette Park were Harvey Ovshinski, Diane Haithman, Jim and Pat Skalski, Jason and Jessica Ravitz, Tom and Hoa Fox, and Dave and Barbara Voges.

This sign at the townhomes where we had lived from 1973 to 1976 was installed in 1996. To learn more about Detroit's Lafayette Park neighborhood, please click on this link: Mies Detroit and/or this link: Lafayette Park

While we lived on Nicolet St., Dan and John were students here at nearby Walter Chrysler Elementary School. Grandma and several other parents renovated and furnished the room that became the school library. In February of 1976 we left Detroit and moved to Santa Ana, California.