40th Wedding Anniversary Party

Connie and I hosted our 40th wedding anniversary party on December 29, 2007. About 75 guests came. Here's one of the photos.
In the back row are our son John with his wife Melisa, my brother Don's daughter Annette, my sister Kathleen, me, my brother Mike's daughter Tricia, my sister Letty, my brother Dennis, my sister Mary and my brother Mike's daughter Terry Ann. In the middle row are my sister Jane and my sister Mary's daughter Amy. In the front row are my brother Don's daughters Erika and Michelle, my mother's sister Jan, my brother Mike's widow Therese, our son Dan's daughter Eleanor and John's sons Jordan and Nathan.
At the party but not in this photo were Connie, my brother Don and his wife Ildi, Kathleen's husband Leon, Letty's husband Robbie, Denny's wife Leslie, my mother's brother Don, our son Dan, his wife Suzanne and their younger children Gabe and Celia, my sister Mary's friend Derrold, my cousin Mary Kay, Denny's brother-in-law Jim and his wife Claudia, Tricia's friend John-Pierre, Ildi's aunt Mary and her daughter Mary-Ann.
Kathleen and Leon live in Minnesota. Letty and Robbie live in Utah. Mary, Jane, Amy, Jan and Derrold live in the Seattle area. Terry Ann lives in Oregon. Therese lives in Benicia near San Francisco.
Those who came from the Chicago area were Connie's cousin Bill's widow Marian, Connie's niece Mary and her children Mary Ellen and Dave, Connie's niece Ellen and her son Mike, Connie's niece Peggy, and Connie's nephew Alfred and his wife Marlene and their son Matthew. Connie's niece Chrissi came from Fort Smith, Arkansas. Bill and Marian's son Dave, his wife Melanie and their children Jacob, Daniella and Mariana came from Escondido near San Diego.
Los Angeles seminary alumni and spouses at the party were Bill DuBay (ordained 1960), Gerry Fallon (ordained 1963), Don Reiman (ordained 1960) and his wife Jane, Bob Steinbock (ordained 1960) and his wife Flo, Tom Cassidy (ordained 1960) and his wife Annette, Ron Kennedy (ordained 1961) and his wife Barbara, Charlie Ara (ordained 1956) and his wife Shirley, Serge Beltran (LAC/OLQA/SJS 1949-1958) and Al White (LAC 1949-1953).
Others whose company we enjoyed at our 40th wedding anniversary party were Joe and Shirley, Gladys, Ruthie, Greg and Shelley and their daughter Arista, Jarrod and Gail and their children Tristan and Cambria.
There was a delicious catered lunch for all who came, and drinks from a well-stocked hosted bar. We had live classical guitar music for three hours. The kids enjoyed a puppet show, and had fun breaking a piñata filled with candy and other treasures.

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