Catherine of Ancient Alexandria and Loretta of Modern Anaheim

Adapted from a poem by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, 1651-1695

Érase una niña
como digo a usté,
cuyos años eran,
ocho sobre diez.

Ésta (que sé yo,
como pudo ser)
dizque supo mucho,
aunque era mujer.

Porque, como dizque
dice no sé quien,
ellas solo saben
hilar y coser.

Pues ésta, a hombres grandes
pudo convencer,
que a un chico, cualquiera
lo sabe envolver.

Y aun una Santita
dizque era también,
sin que le estorbase
para ello el saber.


Pues como Patillas
no duerme, al saber
que era Santa y Docta,
se hizo un Lucifer.

Porque tiene el Diablo
esto de saber,
que hay mujer que sepa
más que supo él.

Pues con esto, ¿que hace?
Viene, y tienta a un Rey,
que a ella le tentara
a dejar su Ley.

Tentóla de recio;
más ella, pardiez,
se dejó morir
antes que vencer.

No pescuden más,
porque más no sé,
de que es Catarina
para siempre. Amen.

   There is a new woman
(you'll see what I mean)
whose years have now reached
barely two times eighteen.

This woman (don't ask,
for here my words fail)
knows much, so they say,
Though she's not a male.

Now people are always
saying, you know
that women can only
cook, spin and sew.

But this one can argue
with great men and win,
match wits with the young,
get into their skin.

True love and wisdom
are in her, they say;
even knowing so much
doesn't get in her way.


Now word comes to Satan,
who sleeps not a wink,
she's so loving and smart,
his rage turns to pink.

Because only one thing
irks the devil, you see,
it's to hear of a woman
who's smarter than he.

So what does he do?
He tempts a lawmaker
to trouble her faith,
and try hard to break her.

His terrible threats
make not a dent;
she sooner would lose
than ever relent.

No more may you doubt,
for all I can say
is Loretta will live
ever more and a day.

St. Catherine
Emperor Maxentius
Loretta Sanchez
Robert Dornan