Emily Liepe "Queen of Syncopation"

Suburbanite Economist
Chicago, Illinois

April 2, 1925

Emily Liepe met William Russell Roberts while both were employed at the Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company in Chicago. They were married in 1930. Their children Virginia (1931), Constance (1932), Frank (1936), Vallie (1939) and Robert (1940) were all born in Chicago.

Emily (Liepe) Roberts was born in 1901 and died in 1947. Her husband had died several months earlier. Here is a list of their 16 grandchildren:

Virginia's children
   Mary McGann
   Constance (McGann) Ballou
   Ellen McGann
   Margaret (McGann) Michalski
   Alfred McGann

Constance's children
   Daniel Halloran
   John Halloran

Frank's children
   Kathleen (Roberts) Hopper
   Debra (Roberts) Dechert
   Pamela (Roberts) Post
   Frank Roberts

Vallie's children
   Christine Pluto
   Heidi Pluto

Robert's children
   Natalie Roberts
   Sheila (Roberts) Johnson
   Gregory Roberts