Constance Patricia Halloran's brothers and sisters and their families

At Virginia's high school graduation in 1949
Back row: Frank, Virginia, Constance and Aunt Alice
Front row: Vallie and Robert

At Virginia's high school graduation
Virginia and Constance

At St. Mary's Academy about 1950
Constance is in the front row on the right side

At Constance's high school graduation in 1950
She is with her mother's sister Aunt Alice

Aunt Alice in Vancouver, British Columbia

The five Roberts children, about 1985 in Chicago
Back row: Robert and Frank
Front row: Vallie, Virginia and Constance

Leo and Vallie's daughter Chrissi at age 14 (about 1980)

Leo and Vallie's daughter Heidi at age 18 (1987)

At the wedding of Bernard and Virginia's son Alfred
Back row: Alfred's sisters Connie, Peggy and Ellen
Middle row: Alfred's sister Mary, Bernard, Alfred's bride Marlene,
Alfred and Virginia
Front row: Ellen's son Mike

Bernard and Virgnia at their 40th wedding anniversary party (1992)

Robert with his daughter Natalie (about 1995)

At Virginia's 70th birthday party (2001)
Behind the back row: Connie's husband Eric
Back row: Virgina's children Connie, Alfred (with wife Marlene) and Mary
Middle row: Virginia's daughters Peggy and Ellen
Front row: Virginia's cousin Bill Risoff,
Peggy's husband Jurek (Casey) and Virginia

Virginia's daughters Peggy and Ellen
Behind them is their cousin John Halloran