Ray's 70th Birthday Party
August 2009


Ray and his wife Cecilia have 17 grandchildren and one great-grandchild


Ray and Cecilia's granddaughter Isabel with Cecilia's sister Elizabeth


Cecilia's sister Elizabeth dancing with Ray


This photo of Elizabeth and her husband Terrence was taken a few months earlier.


Carmen and Leo are Cecilia's aunt and uncle.


Cecilia's brother David with his wife Celia


Cecilia and Ray with their grandddaughter Isabel


Cecilia's brothers David, Andy and Steve


Ray and Cecilia's daughters Bernadette and Mary with their husbands Rodney and Bob


Cecilia's uncle Leo with his wife Etsuko


The Mariachi trio Los Alvarez played and sang. We listened and we danced.


We enjoyed seeing these photos of Ray taken at various times in his life.


Cecilia's brother Steve with his wife Sarah


Cecilia's sister Virginia with with her husband Richard


Virginia, Leo, Carmen, David, Andy, Elizabeth, Steve and Cecilia


Ray and Cecilia's son Vincent with his wife Karyn


Ray and Cecilia's son Ray with his wife Martha


Ray and Cecilia's daughter Eleanor with her husband Steve and their children


Ray and Cecilia's daughter Vibiana with her daughters


Back row: Mary, Vincent, Vibiana and Ray
Front row: Bernadette, Eleanor and Ray


Ray with his grandfather Ray and his father Ray