McIntyre Draws New Fire

Los Angeles Herald-Examiner
June 13, 1964

A second priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles today publicly criticized His Eminence James Francis Cardinal Mclntyre for what he said was a "negative" attitude on race issues .

The Rev. Terrence W. Halloran, assistant pastor of St Mary's Church, 407 S. Chicago St., joined his seminary classmate, the Rev. William H. DuBay, in speaking out against the cardinal, who, both said, "has no open policy on civil rights."

Father DuBay, assistant pastor of St. Albert the Great Church, a predominantly Negro parish in Compton, was relieved of his administrative duties yesterday for making public a letter asking the Cardinal's removal. The letter, addressed to Pope Paul VI in Rome, did not, however, receive the support or approval of Father Halloran, who said he "felt it rather strong and I advised Father DuBay not to go through with it." Father Halloran, whose church is "nearly 100 percent" Mexican-American. said that he and other priests have been reprimanded for taking part in civil rights activities.

His own reprimand, Father Halloran said, came last summer after he had permitted a community civil rights meeting in a parish facility.

"But the meeting was allowed to go on and it was fruitful," said the priest.

"I had been called to the chancery office and told that such activity tended to magnify a problem which doesn't exist," he continued.

"But I feel the problem does exist and, to cite an example, the Negro worker is not welcome in such cities as Glendale and Burbank.

"They also are discriminated against in housing."

Father Halloran said that Catholic bishops in San Francisco and Stockton have taken a stand on the initiative to repeal the Rumford Housing Act, "but the Cardinal has remained silent."

Father Halloran was critical of some of the activities of the Catholic Council on Human Relations, a group of laymen whose objective is to enlighten their fellow Catholics on the issues of race relations.