The Hallorans -- August 2005

On the left are Daniel, his wife Suzanne and their children Eleanor (2000) and Gabriel (2003). Their daughter Celia (2007) came later. On the right are John, his wife Melisa and their sons Jordan (2001) and Nathan (2003). Seated are Daniel and John's parents, Terrence and Constance.

Terrence and Constance were married on December 28, 1967. During most of the next nine years, they lived in Detroit. Their sons Daniel and John were born there in 1968 and 1970. In 1976 they moved to California and settled in Orange County.

In the early 1980s Constance taught high school in Irvine. From 1987 until her retirement in 1992 she was librarian at St. Barbara's School in Santa Ana. Terrence worked in the aerospace industry as a computer programmer until his retirement in 2002. They moved to Beaumont in Riverside County in 2004.

Constance died suddenly on July 24, 2008. God will raise us up, and we will live forever.

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