Father John Domas 1983

This may be a combination of expectations and dreams, two different things.

I. Expectations:

A. I expect far fewer priests. This could affect San Gorgonio in different ways:

    1. San Gorgonio and Precious Blood may have one pastor.

    2. One or other parish may have a lay coordinator. The lay coordinator may be in San Gorgonio, since this parish will be running itself so well.

B. I expect a married and a female clergy. This could be in place in ten years, but may take longer. There will be a variety of effects arising from this:

    1. The blurring of the line between clergy and laity will accelerate.

    2. This will affect the concept concerning who can preside at "Eucharist."

C. I expect a continued deterioration of traditional dogmas. This will affect procedures for "initiating" people into the Church.

D. I expect ecumenism to extend to non-Christian faiths. There will be a growing recognition of common roots and sources of division. The human race will be seen as a people of God. A richness will be discovered in diverse cultures.

II. Dreams:

I dream of our parish being restructured into Small Church Communities. This could help our parish and parishioners adjust to above expectations:

1. The individual communities will mature in prayer, Bible understanding and application to life, mutual support and a discovery of Eucharist as the Presence of Christ in the living of his Gospel.

2. The individual communities will find goals or projects, which they can share with other communities in and outside the parish. This will cancel the multiplicity of parish wide and diocesan wide projects.

3. The gathering of all the communities, such as at Sunday Mass, will be a celebration, rather than a fulfillment of obligation. The communities will have much to share.

4. "Initiating," or better, receiving a person into the faith, will not so much be a process of instruction as a bonding with the community. The formal reception will be a celebration of all that has brought them to this point and a commitment to stay with the relationship. The liturgy would depend on the evolution of the sacramental system at that time.