St. John's Seminary 1958 Christmas Play

The Strong Are Lonely

The scene of The Strong Are Lonely is in Paraguay of 1767, where the
Jesuit missionaries have established a utopian state for the native
Indians. Heeding calumnious attacks of the Spanish colonists, the
King has sent a legation with orders to dissolve the Jesuit state.
The Father Provincial of the Jesuits is determined to prove that the
King has been deceived, when an emissary from the General of the
Order arrives disguised as a layman and orders the Provincial to
withdraw all Jesuits from Paraguay, because they had in fact produced
a materialistic brand of Christianity. The Provincial is brought face
to face with universal conflict between obedience to superiors and
loyalty to one's own convictions. His final decision and its effect
on himself, his subordinates and his Indian flock provide dramatic
and powerful moments.

The Cast

Father Fernandez, S.J.
Father Oros, S.J.
Father Lieberman, S.J.
Father Clarke, S.J.
Don Pedro de Miura
Captain Arago
Captain Villano
Lorenzo Querini
Secretary of the Bishop
Jose Bustillos
Garcia Queseda
Alvaro Catalde
Father Reinegg, S.J.
Indian Guards
George Niederauer, Alfred Garrotto, Peter Nugent
Rev. Mr. Vincent Haggin
Robert Ridley
William DuBay
George Miller
Daniel Lopez
Anthony Flood
Jules Mayer
Rev. Mr. Michael Dunne
Louis Garcia
Lawrence Gentile
Justin Rigali
Peter Foster
Rev. Mr. Harold De Lisle
David Maring
Paul Hughes
Claude Romero
Joseph George
Raymond Romano & John Romero

The 1958 Christmas Chorale

 directed by Bradley Dusak

Donald Reiman
Clinton Hagenbach
Michael Cross
Thomas Donovan
Robert Lilly
Franklin Buckman
Anthony Flood
Warren Tierney
Francis Wanek
William DuBay
Ronald Kennedy
Peter Nugent
Frederic Hall

Thomas Cassidy
Charles Landes
Thomas Lichtle
Paul Kapphahn
George Sherman
John Goeser

Michael Dunne
Walter Kelly
Donald Kribs
Joseph George
Philip Berryman
Jules Mayer

The Entertainment Committee wishes to express its sincere gratitude to
our own Sisters at Saint John's, to the Faculty, and to all of the
students who helped in any way to make the 1958 Christmas Program

Update: 33 of the 42 seminarians listed above were ordained to the priesthood.
They now include one cardinal, one archbishop, eleven priests who left ministry
and married, and four priests accused of sexual abuse of children and removed
from ministry.