80th Birthday July 11, 2014

Terrence (Ted, Terry) and his wife Elizabeth celebrated his 80th birthday on July 11, 2014.

We enjoyed a dinner party July 12 at Moreno's Restaurant in Orange, with a slide show and some live Mariachi music.

Here is a list of those who came:

Terrence's son Dan, his wife Suzanne and their children Eleanor, Gabe and Celia

Terrence's son John, his wife Melisa and their children Jordan and Nathan

Terrence's niece Terry Ann

Terrence's niece Tricia (Terry Ann's sister) and her children Jensen and Natalie


Terrence's sisters Kathleen and Mary

Terrence's brother Don and his wife Ildi

Terrence's brother Denny and his wife Leslie

Terrence's nephew Jim (Denny's son), Jim's wife Lori and their children Max and Samantha

Our family friend Al White

Thanks to Melisa and others, here are some photos:

Terrence and Elizabeth

Nathan, Melisa, Jordan and John

Suzanne and Melisa

Dennis and Terrence

John and Nathan

Don and Al

Ildi and Don

Jordan and Celia

Terrence and Elizabeth

Gabe, Natalie, Celia and Jensen

Suzanne, Gabe, Eleaon, Dan and (in front row) Celia

Leslie, Denny, Lori, Max, Jim and (in front row) Samantha


Ildi and Elizabeth

Terrence and five grandchildren


Mary and John

Don and Mary

Jensen and Terry Ann


Kathleen came from Minnesota and Mary came from near Seattle for the occasion. Young cousins who don't see each other often had a great time renewing friendships.

A few days later at our home, we had a second party for those who couldn't come on July 12: Elizabeth's uncle Leo, her sisters Cecilia and Virginia, Virginia's husband Richard and our friend Rosa.

Terrence, Richard, Leo and (in front row) Rosa, Virginia, Elizabeth and Cecilia.