At the March 2015 memorial gathering for my brother Mike's son Micheal Halloran:

My son Dan took the photo. That's me in the red shirt.

Behind me are Dan's daughter Celia and my other son John. On the right side are my brothers Denny and Don, Michael's brother Tim and Denny's wife Leslie. The others standing are (left to right) Tim's partner Steve, Micheal's partner Tony, my sister Mary holding our niece Tricia's daughter Natalie, and my sisters Kathleen and Jane. Seated are my sister Letty, Micheal's mother Therese (Terry) and his sister Terry Ann.

Micheal (he spells it that way) is survived by his partner Tony, his mother Therese (Terry), his sisters Terry Ann and Tricia and his brother Tim. Michael's father (my brother Mike) died in 1999.

So long, Mike and Micheal. We'll join you and all of God's family when our time comes.