The Wedding of Elliott and Amy

Elliott Miller and my niece Amy Halloran were married on August 27. 2016. The wedding location was a farm about 25 miles north of Asheville, North Carolina.

A reading by Elliott and Amy's dear friend Ashley:

To live content with small means,
To seek elegance rather than luxury,
and refinement rather than fashion,
To be worthy not respectable,
and wealthy not rich.

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Words Of Their Wedding

In these photos are
1. Amy (the bride), my sister Mary (mother of the bride) and Billee (our mother)
2. Leah (sister of the groom) and Larry and Barbara (their parents).

Mary has three sisters and three brothers. Denny couldn't come to the wedding. In the photos above are
1. my brother Don and I, our four sisters (Katie, Jane, Mary and Letty), and part of Mary's husband Derrold
2. Mary and her grandchildren Angelina and Brian, Angelina's mother Tanya and her fiance Phil.

My brother and sisters and I and Derrold and Brian stayed in this house. Phil, Tanya and Angelina bunked in the cabin next door and joined us for meals.

This was our view from the front yard of the house and cabin.

The afternoon before the wedding about 30 family members and wedding guests enjoyed tubing down the French Broad River. We entered the water a short distance west of Carrier Park (at the bottom of this map). A few hours later we disembarked at Zen Tubing (at the top of this map). Nearby at The Bywater, Elliott's family grilled burgers for everyone. We shared homemade salads and desserts. My sister Katie made all the hamburger buns.

For information about Zen Tubing, you can click on this link:
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For information about The Bywater, you can click on this link:
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Amy, Letty and Hayden -- Katie and Jane

Here we are sending messages to our brother Denny. Then we gathered in the kitchen, where we cut blocks of cheese into small cubes and prepared other appetizers for the wedding reception.

A sign welcomed us at Ivy Creek Family Farm near Barnardsville, where the wedding of Elliott and Amy was held. After the ceremony we walked to the reception area, where we were greeted by another sign.

We posed for some pictures. Here I'm on the left, then my brother Don and my sisters Letty, Mary, Jane and Katie.

I'm on the left, then Don, Penny, Richard, Letty, Elliott, Amy, Angelina, Mary, Derrold, Jane and Katie.

A bluegrass band played until it was time for dinner.

My sister Letty designed, baked, iced and decorated the cake. The food was grown mostly by Amy on Barefoot Farm ( and cooked and prepared by Amy, Elliott and an extensive team of friends and family.

They could have danced all night!

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