Terry and Connie Halloran -- February 2005

For 28 years we lived in Orange County. Recently we moved 70 miles inland to 979 Hidden Oaks Drive, Beaumont CA 92223. Our new phone number is (951) 769-2489. We and our friendly new neighbors live among emerald-green hills below snow-capped peaks.

Terry has become a volunteer chaplain at the local hospital and a GED examiner at Beaumont Adult School. Our interests include cable television, DVD movies, CD music and the Internet. We have leisurely meals and we play many games of Scrabble. Best of all, our sons and their families come to visit us often.

Dan and Suzanne's daughter Eleanor is 5, and their son Gabe is 2. When Eleanor looks at a globe, she quickly points to the continents and names them. She shows us where in North America to find California and Wisconsin. Gabe imitates her by being very talkative. Each visit we understand more of what he tries to tell us.

John and Melisa's son Jordan will be 4 soon, and their son Nathan is 2. Jordan now plays some computer games at expert level. At a fire station or at a construction site, he tells us what each piece of equipment is called and how it works. Nathan likes the bathtub, the pool, the beach and the puddles on the sidewalk. He also likes repeating words until he gets them right.

There's more information at www.twhalloran.info.

A few weeks ago we took this photo a short walk from our home. The high peaks on the left are San Bernardino (10,649 ft.) and San Bernardino East (10,691 ft.). The highest mountain in Southern California (on the right) is San Gorgonio (11,499 ft.)