ICANN Public Forum in Bucharest
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27 June 2002 -- Morning Session

Redemption Grace Period

Vinton Cerf: Okay. I'd like to call on Dan Halloran now to tell us about the grace and redemption proposal, which sounds vaguely religious.

Dan Halloran: Sorry about that, but my dad is a Catholic priest, so there must be...

Vinton Cerf: So there will be a litany, and should we have the censers come?

Dan Halloran: I'll try to catch up on some time here and go through my slides as quickly as possible.

We're coming back to this topic we talked about in Accra. ICANN receives a large number of complaints about inadvertently deleted domain names. In February of 2002 we posted a proposal for a redemption grace period for deleted names and at the meeting in Accra the board requested -- authorized Stuart to have a technical steering group for an implementation plan. The technical steering group had six very well qualified technical personnel from registries and registrars. We had Register.com, Neulevel, Verisign, Afilias, Melbourne. It represented -- the group proposed to implement the grace period process in a two stage process, first to implement right away a safety net to catch these deleted names before they get snapped up by a third party.

Vinton Cerf is ICANN's chairman of the board of directors. Dan Halloran is ICANN's deputy general counsel. More information about the ICANN Public Forum held in Bucharest, Romania on 27 June 2002 is at this link: www.icann.org/bucharest